Hobart Stero Door Type Dishwashers, High Temp or Chemical Sanitizing (SD3)

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Durability and simplicity are at the heart of Stero door-type dishmachine engineering. From installation to day-to-day operation and dishmachine preventative maintenance, our units are reliable and easy for your operators to use. All stainless steel construction, interchangeable upper and lower rinse arms, door actuated starts and large scrap accumulators are just some of the features you’ll enjoy with Stero door-type dishmachines.

The Stero SD3 is a pass-through dishwasher with either hot water or chemical sanitizing  and straight or corner orientation. With hot water sanitizing, this unit can wash 58 racks per hour, and using chemical sanitizing, up to 65 racks per hour.  Stero is a Hobart brand and is backed by Hobart service and warranty.

Available configurations – specify when ordering:
– High-Temperature or Chemical Sanitizing
– Optional 8.5kW built-in booster heater
– 3PH/208V or 1PH/208V

Machine RatingsSD3 Hot Water SanitizingSD3 Chemical Sanitizing
Racks per Hour (Maximum)5865
Wash Motor H.P.22
Electric Heating Unit (Regulated)5 KW5 KW
Electric Booster Heater8.5 KW
Rate of Rinse Flow – Gallons per Minute – at 20 PSI Flow Pressure5.15.1
Rinse Cycle – Gallons per Rack – at 20 PSI Flow Pressure.97 – 180°F Minimum.97 – 140°F Minimum
Peak Rate of Drain Flow – Gallons per Minute (Initial rate with full tank)1414
Incoming Water Temperature Required (Minimum)110°F140°F
  • .85 gallons per rack
  • 58 racks per hour – hot water sanitizing
  • 65 racks per hour – chemical sanitizing
  • Timed wash cycles for 1, 2 or 4 minutes
  • Digital control status
  • 180° final rinse assurance
  • Interchangeable upper and lower wash and rinse arms
  • Automatic tank fill
  • Door actuated start
  • Automatic drain closure
  • Exhaust fan control and booster activation included
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Error notification
  • Straight-through or corner operation
  • Hot water or chemical sanitization
  • Pressure gauge

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