Winco Covers for Elemental Aluminum Cookware (ALPC)

AXS-C Series


Designed to fit Winco Elemental Aluminum Stock Pots, Sauce Pots and Braziers.

  • Aluminum construction
  • Riveted handle
  • NSF listed
  • Hand wash – Aluminum products are not dishwasher safe

ALPC-10: 9.72″ Cover for ALST-10, ALST-12, ALHP-12
ALPC-16: 10.91″ Cover for ALST-16, ALHP-16
ALPC-20: 11.77″ Cover for ALST-20, ASSP-14, ALHP-20, ASHP-14, ASET-5
ALPC-20SC: 12.80″ Cover for ASSP-20, ASHP-20
ALPC-24: 12.48″ Cover for ALST-24, ALH P-24
ALPC-32: 13.74″ Cover for ALST-32, ALB-15, ASSP-26, ALHP-32, ASHP-26, ALBH-15, ASET-7
ALPC-35BC: 21.54″ Cover for ALB-35, ALHP-120, ALBH-35
ALPC-40: 14.37″ Cover for ALST-40, ALH P-40
ALPC-40BC: 22.72″ Cover for ALB-40, ALBH-40
ALPC-40SC: 17.80″ Cover for ASSP-40, ALB-24, ASHP-40, ALBH-24
ALPC-50: 15.83″ Cover for ALST-50, ALST-60, ALB-18, ASSP-34, ALHP-60, ASHP-34, ALBH-18
ALPC-80: 18.78″ Cover for ALST-80, ALHP-80
ALPC-100: 19.80″ Cover for ALST-100, ALB-28, ALHP-100, ASHP-60, ALBH-28

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