Robot Coupe Vegetable Preparation Machine (CL55 2 FEED‑HEADS)

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The Robot Coupe CL55 2 FEED-HEADS, with 2 Feed Heads as standard (pusher head and bulk feed head) is ideal for slicing, ripple cutting, grating, dicing, shredding and making french fries from all types of fruit and vegetables, as well as grating cheese. Two standard discs included.

This floor standing unit is designed to cut large amounts of vegetables in no time at all. Robust, efficient, easy to clean and offering the widest variety of cuts. Gain consistency and save hours in mise en place: slice, grate, julienne, ripple cut, french fries, dice and even puree.

  • Single phase. Power – 2.5HP.
  • 1 speed 425 rpm
  • Magnetic safety system, motor brake and lever-activated auto restart.
  • This metal Vegetable Preparation Machine has a lateral ejection facility
  • Equipped with 2 Feed Heads: 1 Bulk Feed Head and 1 Pusher Feed Head with XL full moon hopper, diameter 6 7/8″, and integrated cylindrical hopper diameter 2 5/16″.
  • Stainless steel motor base, chute, continuous feed lead and stand.
  • Suitable for 100 to 1000 covers per service.
  • Included : 28064 (3mm) 1/8″ slicing disc and 28058 (3mm) 1/8″ grating disc and 2 disc racks.
  • Large choice of 55 discs available.

Robot-Coupe CL55 2 FEED-HEADS
› Induction motor: Yes
› Power: 2.5 HP
› Voltage: Single phase 120 V
› Speed(s): 425 rpm
› Feed tube(s): Stainless steel automatic feed head Full-moon pusher feed head Ø 2 9/32″ and Ø 1 17/32″ cylindrical hoppers, Exactitube pusher – Included
› Lid and bowl: Metal
› Food chopper output (Lbs/h): 880
› Motor unit: Stainless steel
› Movable base: Stainless steel – Equipped with two casters with brakes
› Discs Included: Slicing disc 3 mm (1/8″), Grating disc 3 mm (1/8″) Or No Disc option
› Gross weight (Lbs): 110
› Dimensions (W × L × H): 22″ x 15.75″ x 20.25″

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