Robot Coupe Vegetable Preparation Machine (CL50 ULTRA PIZZA)

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The CL50 ULTRA PIZZA Vegetable Preparation Machine is ideal for  slicing, ripple cutting, grating, dicing, shredding and making french fries from all types of fruit and vegetables, as well as grating cheese. The perfect package for your pizza needs: robust, efficient and easy to clean. Gain consistency and save hours in mise en place. The discs included are ideal for processing all toppings and cheese.

  • Single-phase. Power 1.5 HP. Speed 425 rpm.
  • Equipped with a magnetic safety system, motor brake and lever-activated auto restart.
  • This metal Veg. Prep. Machine has a lateral ejection facility and is equipped with 2 hoppers: 1 kidney shaped hopper (L×W – 6 11/16″ × 3″) and 1 cylindrical hopper: Ø 2-1/4″ and/or Ø 1-1/2″.
  • Metal vegetable chute and continuous feed lead.
  • Suitable for 50 to 400 meals per service.
  • Included: 28063 2mm (5/64″) & 28004 4mm (5/32″) slicing discs, 28164 7mm (9/32″) grating disc, 28112 10x10mm (3/8″x3/8″) dicing & dice cleaning kits, disc holders.
  • Large choice of 52 discs available.

CL50 ULTRA PIZZA Specifications:
Induction motor: Yes
Power: 1.5 HP
Voltage: Single phase 120 V
Speed(s): 425 rpm
Feed tube(s): Half moon hopper Ø 2 9/32″ and Ø 1 17/32″ cylindrical hoppers, Exactitube pusher – Included
Lid and bowl: Metal
Food chopper output (Lbs/h): 220
Motor unit: Stainless steel
Discs Included: Slicing discs 2 mm (5/64″) & 4 mm (5/32″), Grating discs 7 mm (9/32″), Dicing kit 10×10 mm (3/8″x3/8″), Dice cleaning kit and pack of 2 wall holders
Gross weight (Lbs): 49
Dimensions (W × L × H): 16″ x 16″ x 36″

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