Hobart Centerline™ Chemical Sanitizing Door-Type Dishwasher (CDL)

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The advantage and value you’ve been waiting for from the most trusted name in commercial dishwashing. The peace of mind, reliability and water savings that a commercial dishwasher brings to the clean-up process is a significant advantage for foodservice operations. With Centerline™ by Hobart, you can achieve a more effective clean for your kitchen—at an affordable price.

  • Recirculating design: Saves a significant amount of water over fill & dump machines
  • 4-sided Door: Retains heat and saves energy
  • 51 racks per hour: High throughput efficient design
  • 18″ pillarless opening: Easy to load and can accommodate a single sheet pan
  • Top mounted digital display: Simple to use and easy to see with normal & extended cycle options
  • Chemical sanitizing with built in chemical pumps: Gives flexibility for chemical provider
  • Pumped Drain: Provides installation flexibility

– 51 racks per hour
– .86 gallons of water per rack
– Chemical sanitizing
– Recirculating design
– Top-mounted user interface with digital temperature display
– 4-sided door
– 1 standard cycle with optional extended cycle
– 18” pillarless door opening
– Snap-in, revolving upper and lower anti-clogging wash & rinse arm; low-profile, single-arm design
– Removable, 2-part stainless steel scrap screen
– Soft start
– Automatic pumped drain
– Automatic fill
– Service diagnostics with error notifications
– Delime notification and cycle
– Chemical pumps standard
– Electric tank heat
– Door actuated start
– Straight through or corner installation
– 1 year parts and labour warranty

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