Used Restaurant Equipment

Our current inventory of quality Used Restaurant Equipment and Supplies is available throughout Canada. All products are high-quality, fully refurbished and come with a warranty. Pick-up locally or get fast, affordable shipping to your location, wherever you are! Please contact us for information and assistance.

CategoryMake/ Model DescriptionUsed For (months)Asset
Beverages3MICE120-SWater Filtration System. Features Consistent quality water reducing sediments & chlorine taste, Valve-in-head design, Scale Inhibition & Cyst reduction, 27''W x 5''D x 5.5''H, 3lbs220352757
BeveragesBLENDTECS88SC2901Commercial Blender. Features 32oz capacity, Variable speeds, One four side jar, 120V/3.8HP/15 Amps, 18 00Watts, 8.5''W x 9''D x 17.5''H, 25lbs260349342
BeveragesPROCTOR SILEX55000Commercial Food & Drink Blender. Features Does not include tamper, Variable speed dial, Paddle switches, 120V/60Hz, 12.4 Amps, 2.4 HP motor, 7.62''W x 8.68''D x 17. 31''H,14.4lbs280347695
BeveragesVita-MixVM0100Drink Machine. Features 2 speed, 64oz. container, 2HP peak moor, 37 000RPM speed, 11.5amps, 120V/50/60Hz/1ph, 8''W x 9''D x 20.3''H, 13lbs450339316
BeveragesVita-MixVM0101DFood Blender. Features Base only - no clear container, Variable speed control, 3 peak HP, 13amps, 120V/50/60Hz, 8''W x 9''D x 7.2''H, 12.2lbs470053479
BeveragesDormont1675KITS48Movable Blue Hose gas connector. Features 3/4'' inside diameter, Stainless steel wire, 167 000BTU/hr minimum flow, 10.4''W x 26.6''D x 2.7''H, 6.29lbs310352524
CoffeeCompakPKFCoffee Grinder. Features Precise on demand dosing, Push button for manual dosing, Touch control screen, Universal porter filter holder, 950Watts, 350rpm, 83mm Burrs, 8.5"W x 15.75"D x 25.6"H, 40lbs120354940
CoffeeCUNILLTRANQUILOCoffee Grinder. Features Tempered steel grinding wheel 60mm diameter, Hopper capacity 0.5Kg, Multi-language touch screen, 120V/50Hz/60Hz/1ph, 275Watts, Rpm 1 300, 7''W x 14''D x 17''H, 18lbs250339896
CoffeeDALLA CORTEDC-ONEEspresso Grinder. Features 4g/s, 1.5Kg hopper capacity, 1350rpm, Burr control system, 500Watts, 6A, 230V/50/60Hz, connected load, 9.25"W x 10.43"D x 22.44"H, 25 lbs540043809
CoffeeNuova SimonelliAPPIA II 1 GROUP1 Group Espresso Machine. Features Ergonomic design, Automatic dosing, Raised group heads, 120V/60Hz/1Ph, 16"W x 21"D x 22"H, 105lbs140352702
CoffeeLa MarzoccoLINEA MINI1 Group Espresso Machine. Features Stainless steel construction, 2 boiilers, 1 group, 3.5L steam boiler, Dual boiler type, Integrated group type, 1600 watts, 110V/120V, 13.97''W x 21.2''D x 15''H, 71lbs120361914
CoffeeLa MarzoccoLINEA MINISemi-Automatic . Features Dual Boilers, Integrated brew group, PID control, Thermal stability system, 1600watts, 110-120V/50-60Hz, 13.97''W x 21.25''D x 15''H, 71lbs120360590
CoffeeMagisterES100/DELTA 22 group espresso machine. Features Automatic, LED indicators, Electronic temp control, 11lt boiler capacity, 4500watts, 220V/60Hz/1ph, 31.2''W x 21.06''D x 19.69''H, 150lbs130360660
CoffeeBezzeraB2016 DE2 Group Espresso Machine. Features painted steel plate body and stainless steel construction, control box manages coffee dosing, Copper boiler, Double safety system, 220-400V/50-60Hz, 3.25kW, 14.5A, 29.53''W x 21.65''D x 20.28''H, 120lbs130351019
CoffeeASTORIASAE./3-HS3 Group Espresso Machine. Features Single Boiler, 1 Single & 3 Double Group Handles, Black & S/S Finish, 1 phase, 25amps, 38.18''W x 21.85''D x 21.06''H, 210lbs110358352
CoffeeBunnICB SHAutomatic Coffee Brewer. Features 6 brew buttons & 3 batch sizes, smart funnel, USB programming capable, requires plumbed in water connection, dual voltage adaptable 120V/15A or 208-240V/20A, hard wired, 10.2"W x 22"D x 35"H, 78.4lbs120354944
CoffeeCarimaliMS207-EOM00030Blue Dot Fully Automatic Coffee System. Features Touchscreen, 1400Watts, 120V/50/60Hz/1ph, 15''W x 22''D x 24''H, 55lbs290351531
CoffeeFetcoCBS-2131XTSCoffee Brewer with Luxus Thermal Dispenser. Features 3L airport capacity, Touchscreen operation, Customizable screen, Manual hot water service, 2.2-3.1kW, 10.9-13amps, 200-240VAC/1ph, 10.9A-13A, 11.75''W x 20.5''D x 26.25''H, 29lbs360347243
CoffeeBUNNCWTF15-APSCoffee Brewer. Features Stainless steel finish, Missing caraf/jug, 61 8oz cups/hr, 1370Watts, NEMA 5-15P plug, 120V/60Hz/1ph, 11.4Amps, 9''W x 18.5''D x 23.6''H, 35.9lbs140357702
CoffeeNespressoMOMENTO 100Coffee Machine. Features 1 extraction head, Programmable cup sizes, 3ltr water tank capacity, Energy saving modes, 1150Watts, 120V/60Hz, 11.81''W x 19.68''D x 16.54''H, 35.28lbs110361576
CoffeeJURAX9Coffee Machine. Features 2 grinders, two pumps, two thermoblock, Seperate hot water tap and steam wand, 1500Watts, 120V, 17''W x 20''D x 23''H, 45lbs00001611
CoffeeNespressoCS224Coffee Machine. Features Double head, Milk frothing function, Cup warming plate, Direct water connection, Digital display, 6 litre(s) water tank capacity, 70 capsule container capacity, 240V/60Hz, 2410Watts, 22"W x 14.6"D x 15.4"H, 40bs170350595
CoffeeJuraZ6Espresso Machine. Features 2.4 (L) water tank size, 280 (g) fresh bean capacity, 1 thermoblocks, Grinder by-pass, Dedicated hot water spout, 1450Watts, 12.60''W x 17.72''D x 14.76''H, 26lbs390342366
CoffeeRancilioEGRO ZERO QUICK MILKEspresso Machine. Features fully automatic, dual built in grinders, self contained 4.5L water reservoir, milk fridge not included, 110-120V/60Hz, 13"W x 24"D x 31"H, 130lbs110345803
CoffeeSchaerer1X7 FSEspresso Machine. Features super automatic design, two 2.2lb capacity hoppers, hot water tap and milk steamer, 7 button panel for up to 12 programmable selections, 208V/30Amps/1Ph, 6kW Steam Boiler and 3kW water boiler, 17"W x 22"D x 28"H 90lbs130345905
CoffeeFETCOCBS-2141 XTSMedium Volume Thermal Coffee Brewer. Features 1 brewer, Automatic water connection, 120V/60Hz/1ph, 13amps, 11.75''W x 20.38''D x 34.38''H, 50lbs260349348
CoffeeFOSTERFCM-16LPercolator Coffee Maker. Features Stainless steel finish, Double wall structure, Non-drip water faucet, 13.2L/3.49 gal, 89 cups, 1500Watts, 110V/60Hz/1ph, 13.4''W x 13.4''D x 22''H, 9.7lbs260351464
CoffeeACSVENTUSVentus Lever Espresso Machine. Features 5L cool to touch boiler, stainless steel construction, removable drip tray, espresso cup holding tray, pressure gauge, 120V/2040W, 14.4"W x 19.4"D x 16.3"H, 88lbs110352706
CoffeeMarcoSP9Single Serve Precision Brewer. Features preset brewing time and volume, precise water temperature, compatible with most manual pourover brewing devices, 230v, NEMA L6-20P plug, 23"W x 11"D x 23"H, 36lbs.180341097
CookingMontagueC36SHBDeck Type Broiler. Features top sear plate, infrared broiler deck type, adjustable broiler grid, stainless steel front, undershelf on 25" stainless steel tubular legs, 84 000 BTU, 36"W x 24"D x 54"H, 723lbs00001454
CookingVULCANVACB25Charbroiler. Features 4 burners, Natural gas, Stainless steel construction, 5.25'' wide cast iron grates, 3/4'' rear gas connection, 68 000BTU/hr, 25.4''W x 27''D x 13''H, 270lbs230349987
CookingQuestQGMQB36Charbroiler. Features Natural gas, Fast warm up, Stainless steel construction, Sloping grid, 36"W x 31"D x 13"H, 305lbs220345382
CookingVollrathCGA8008Chicken Rotisserie Oven. Features 8 bird oven, Countertop, Stainless steel construction, Cooking chamber size: 18. 69''W x 19.5''D x 18.12''H, 2700Watts, 12amps, 220V, 29.25''W x 20.06''D x 23.12''H, 84lbs110359329
CookingVOLLRATH59510PCountertop Induction Range. Features 1-100 power levels, 1-80 minute timer, 10.25'' max pan diameter, 1440Watts, 12amps, 120V/60Hz, 14.25''W x 15.25''D x 3''H, 12.8lbs330348597
CookingROYAL RANGERSP-18D-24Double Stock Pot Range. Features Natural gas, 2 x 3 ring burners with cast iron top, 4 manual controls with continuous pilots, 180 000 total BTU/hr, 18"W x 42"D x 24"H, 220lbs,170353970
CookingOmcanCE-CN-1800Induction Cooker. Features Stainless steel construction, 66C-232C/150F-450F degrees temp range, 120V/60Hz, 1800Watts, NEMA 5-20 plug, 13''W x 16.5''D x 4''H, 12lbs80359735
CookingSpring USAICS234-18Induction Range. Features brand new, never used, 2 x 1800W Induction ranges, Air filter system, 20 Cook modes, Laminated enclosed cabinet, (4) 5 Casters, Stainless steel construction, 208-240V/60Hz/1ph, 3.95kW, 32.9A, NEMA 14-50P, 34W x 24D x 36H, 265 lbs00350662
CookingEFIRCTSP-18-1NStock pot range. Features 1 burner, Manual ignition, Natural gas, 4 intake-tube pressure, 40 000/BTU/hr, 80 000 total BTU/hr, 18''W x 20.90''D x 24.80''H, 96lbs200353649
CookingEFIRCTSP-18-1NStock pot range. Features Natural gas, Stainless steel, Manually controlled valves for each burner, Heavy duty cast iron top, 40 000/BTU/r, 80 000 total BTU/hr, 18''W x 20.90''D x 24.80''H, 96lbs300352699
CookingEFIRCTSP-18-1NStock pot range. Features Natural gas, Stainless steel, Manually controlled valves for each burner, Heavy duty cast iron top, 40 000/BTU/r, 80 000 total BTU/hr, 18''W x 20.90''D x 24.80''H, 96lbs300352700
CookingBlue AirBFSP-18-1BStock Pot Range. Features Standing pilot ignition system, 3/4” rear gas connection, 80,000 BTU, Heavy Duty cast iron top grate, 18"W x 25.6"D x 25.7"H, 160lbs110348365
CookingBOSWELLBT270AInduction Cooker. Features Stainless steel, Aluminium material, Thermostat between 60C-240C degrees, 1800Watts, 120V, 12''W x 15''D x 4''H, 18lbs00001606
CookingEurodibSFE-01860-220Countertop Electric Fryer. Features 8L (2gal) oil capacity, stainless steel construction, temp range 105F-370F, thermostat control and indicator light, nickle plated steel mesh frying basket, 220V/60Hz/1Ph, NEMA 6-15P, 11"W x 20"D x 16"H, 17lbs290346563
CookingFrymasterMJ140Deep Fryer. Features Stainless steel frypot, 40lb oil capacity, 2 baskets, Master jet burner heat transfer system, 110 000 total BTU, 16''W x 31.6''D x 41.5''H, 185lbs330348615
CookingFrymasterMJ140Deep Fryer. Features Stainless steel frypot, 40lb oil capacity, 2 baskets, Master jet burner heat transfer system, 110 000 total BTU, 16''W x 31.6''D x 41.5''H, 185lbs330348616
CookingOmcan34868Electric Countertop Fryer. Features 2 full fry pots with 6L oil capacity each, 3 baskets (1 missing), operating temps of 122F to 374F (50C to 190C), 110V/60Hz/1Ph, 22.75"W x 17.5"D x 11.75"H, 22lbs150357853
CookingVULCAN1VEG35MFloor Fryer. Features Natural gas, Stainless steel fry tank, 35-40 lb oil capacity, 70 000 BTU, Thermostat control adjusts from 200F-400F degrees, 15.5''W x 29.75''D x 46.62''H, 210lbs300350019
CookingATOSAATFS-75Fryer. Features Natural gas, Stainless steel finish, 200F-400F temperature range,5 burners Independent manual control, 170 000 total BTU, 21.5''W x 30''D x 45''H, 168lbs220354156
CookingFrymasterMJ140Gas Floor Fryer. Features 40lb oil capacity, 1 basket only, master jet burner heat-transfer system, 110 000 total BTU, 16"W x 31.6"D x 41.5"H, 185lbs170354169
CookingPitco40C+Gas fryer. Features natural gas, stainless steel construction, 40-45lbs oil capacity, temp range 200F(93C) to 400F(190C), Two twin size basket, 105 000 BTU's/hr, Cooks 72lbs of fries/hr, Frying area 14'' x 14'' x 4'', 15.12''W x 30.28''D x 47.28''H, 170lb300352694
CookingVOLLRATHJW30Cheese Melter. Features 15 minute timer, 27.4 opening, NEMA 6-30P plug, 3660Watts, 208V/60Hz/1ph, 35.12''W x 14.37''D x 14.75''H, 60lbs310347156
CookingFosterFHP-36-6NCountertop Hotplate. Features 6 burners, Stainless steel body, Standing pilot ignition system, 25 000BTU/burner, 150 000 total BTU, 36''W x 27.75''D x 15''H, 147lbs240351896
CookingGarlandGTGG24-GT24MGriddle. Features 1" thick smooth steel griddle plate, heavy duty, thermostatic controls, 56,000 BTU, 23.6"W x 23" D cooking surface, 24"W x 32"D x 13"H, 290lbs140346503
CookingATOSAATTG-36Griddle. Features Propane gas, Stainless steel finish, 3 burners, 10 intake-tube pressure, 75 000 total BTU/hr, 10'' w.c. regulator, 36''W x 28.6''D x 15.5''H, 229lbs70361493
CookingAlto-ShaamXL-400Blast Oven. Features Countertop model, Digital controls, Fully programmable, No exhaust hood required, USB Port, 208-240V/60Hz/1ph, 23A, 4.9kW, NEMA L6-30P, 27.56"W x 28.75"D x 20.7"H 290 lbs230001572
CookingChef ExpressCPCE536Chef Express Speed Oven. Features Up to 80 recipes, USB Port to upload and download recipes, easy to clean, Adjustable temperature, 208V/60Hz/1Ph, 21"W x 31.75"D x 25.3"H, 194lbs250350113
CookingFastfoodFFB 130 5R FULLDoner Kebab Grill and accessories. Features 130kg capacity 110V, 2 x Donair Mold, Trolley & Rolling Apparatus, 2 x Custom Food Bin, and Electric Doner Lifter.100053740
CookingFastfoodFFB 130 5R FULLDoner Robot. Features 130kg capacity, auto and continuous slicing, emergency stop button, 110V, 33.5"W x 41.5"D x 48.5"H, 300lbs100053746
CookingLainoxNAGB071Half Size Combi Oven. Features 7pan capacity, Stainless steel floor stand, Removable rack, 6 fan speeds, Two-stage gas valve, cosmetic damage on front drainage channel, 32.48, 10" touch screen,120V/60Hz/1Ph,8A, 34.5"W x 32.5"D x 32.2"H, 275lbs210051910
CookingMVPL04DUS.3Convection Oven. Features Full size, 5 pans, Electric, Digital display, Temp & time selectors, Two combi-type motors, 5.2Kw, 80Watts, 34Amps, 208-240V/60Hz/3ph, 29.5''W x 32.9''D x 30.1''H, 250lbs30364802
CookingSouthbendTVGS/12SCConvection Oven. Features Nat Gas, Single deck, 52 000 BTU, 120V/60Hz/1Ph, NEMA 5-15 plug, 36"W x 37.5"D x 29.8"H, 300lbs200348494
CookingCleveland24CEA10Convection Steamer. Features two compartments, 5 x 12"x20" steam pan capacity per compartment (pans not included), twin electric atmospheric steam generator, 208V/60Hz/3Ph, 24"W x 33"D x 65.5"H, 528lbs00001453
CookingVulcanVC44GDDouble deck gas convection oven. Features Natural gas, Stainless steel construction, 1/2 H.P. two speed oven blower-motor, 7.7amps, 50 000 BTU/hr per oven, 100 000BTU/hr, 120V/60Hz/1ph, 40.25''W x 41.12''D x 70''H, 820bs240351892
CookingOMCANPE-CN-3200-DDouble Deck Oven. Features Stainless steel, Manual timer, 350F-750F/176.67C-398.89C temp range, 3200Watts, 27.18''W x 27.37''D x 25.75''H, 160lbs00001602
CookingBAKERS PRIDEFC-516Pizza Oven. Features natural gas, 48" x 36" cordierite deck, steel-reinforced arched opening, Heavy duty stainless steel with heavy-duty .25 angle iron frame, 300-650F degree temperature range, 140 000 BTU, 120V, 65.25"W x 71"H x 43"D, 1588lbs40359637
CookingZESTO309Pizza/Bake Oven Gas. Features Stainless steel make, Door opening full size of deck, 3 burners, 62 000 BTU, 48''W x 42''D x 24"H, 646lbs120359069
CookingAmanaRCS10TSMicrowave Oven. Features Stainless steel finish, 10 Touch control system, 5 Power levels, 60:00 Max. cooking time, 1000Watts, NEMA 5-15plug, 15A single phase, 120V/60Hz, 22''W x 19''D x 13.87''H, 41lbs340051829
CookingTHERMA-TEKTMD60-4-36G-2Range. Features Missing oven racks, Natural Gas, Stainless steel exterior, Oven dimensions 26.25''W x 27''D x 14.31''H, Thermostat range from 150F-500F(66C-260C), 30 000BTU burner open top, 20 000BTU griddle, 60''W x 33.13''D x 57.5''H, 1085lbs120001617
CookingFrymasterGPCGas Pasta cooker. Features 15-gallon (56.8L) water capacity, 18" x 24" x 6.75"cooking area, 80 000 total BTU, 120V/60Hz/1Ph, 2amp, 20"W x 33.6"D x 45.6"H, 250 lbs210351533
CookingOmcanPM-IT-0015Heavy duty pasta machine. Features 13lb tank capacity, 0.75Kw, 1HP power, 220V/60Hz/1ph, 14.96''W x 35.43''D x 34.64''H, 243lbs120360573
CookingTigerJIW-G541Rice Cooker. Features Cooks from all side (except the top) at high temperatures, Automated, pre-programmed that helps in various type of rice, 5.4L/30cups, 25amps, 208V/60Hz/1ph, 16.89''W x 19.76''D x 16.14''H, 36.37lbs300352691
CookingGarlandSERCSalamander. Features countertop model, dual control sun ray elements, stainless steel construction, hard wired, 208V/60Hz/1Ph/34.0A, 34"W x 18"D x 16.25"H 210lbs50349778
CookingWaringWCT708CNDFour slice toaster. Features Stainless steel housing with removable crumb trays, Toasts up to 225 slices/hr, 1500Watts, 15amps, 120V/60Hz, 12.5''W x 10.8''D x 7.4''H, 10lbs00001600
CookingHATCOTQ3-900HHatco Conveyor toaster. Features 3 opening and digital controls, Easy touchscreen controls, Includes a removable crumb tray, capacity of up to 900 slices, 208V/60Hz/1Ph, 3020W/14.5A, 14.75"W x 20.75"D x 17.12"H, 54lbs00361074
CookingPROCTOR SILEX24850Toaster, Features Durable chrome housing, Bagel & cancel touch controls, Automatic toast boost, NSF approved, 60Hz, 120V, 1650W, 12.3''W x 12.4''D x 8.4''H, 16.95lbs250348899
CookingWARINGWWCM200Double Waffle Cone Maker. Features Up to 120 waffle cones per hour, non-stick, 1400Watts, 120V/60Hz/1ph, 11''W x 17''D x 9.5''H, 18lbs190355030
Dishwashers & GlasswashersHobartSD3-2Dishwasher, Features .85 gallons/rack, 58 racks per hour-hot water sanitizing, 65 racks per hour-chemical sanitizing, Automatic tank fill, 2H.P., .97F-180F minimum rinse cycle, 24.9amps, 204-208V/60Hz/3ph, 26''W x 35''D x 75.75''H, 270lbs300352696
Dishwashers & GlasswashersJet-Tech757EDoor Type Dishwasher. Features 60 racks an hour, built in booster, front mounted programmable controls, digital temperature control, 208-240V/60Hz/3Ph, 25.5"W x 28.7"D x 61.5"H, 345lbs200353851
Dishwashers & GlasswashersSteroSD1-1Low Temp Dishwasher. Features 37 racks per hour, Interchangeable upper and lower wash arms, Chemical pump, 140F incoming water temp, 120F final rinse temp, 1HP pump motor, 1.7 gallon/rack rinse cycle, 120V/60Hz/1Ph, 10A, 29"W x 32.5"D x 69"H, 210lbs310347596
Display CabinetCARDINALCUB48C2SCake Display Cabinet. Features 419L capacity, 2 internal shelves, 0C - 8C temperature range, 110V/60Hz/1ph, 48"W x 30"D x 48''H, 535.7lbs60361005
Display CabinetTorreyTEM150Display Case. Features Digital temp control, Double tempered curved glass, 21 capacity cuft., 518.1 capacity liters, 1/4HP compressor, 33.8F-41F temp range, 56.6''W x 34.5''D x 46.2''H, 425lbs280349039
Display CabinetCDSSQR8Refrigerated Display Case. Features Top LED lights, Top glass, Two tempered glass shelves w/LED shelf lights, Stainless steel inlay pan, Thermo-pane rear sliding glass doors, 115V/1/60Hz/1, 16.0amps, 96''W x 30''D x 50''H, 880lbs260352786
Display CabinetCDSSQR8Refrigerated Display Case. Features Top LED lights, Top glass, Two tempered glass shelves w/LED shelf lights, Stainless steel inlay pan, Thermo-pane rear sliding glass doors, 115V/1/60Hz/1, 16.0amps, 96''W x 30''D x 50''H, 880lbs260352787
Display CabinetCDSSQR8Refrigerated Display Case. Features Top LED lights, Top glass, Two tempered glass shelves w/LED shelf lights, Stainless steel inlay pan, Thermo-pane rear sliding glass doors, 115V/1/60Hz/1, 16.0amps, 96''W x 30''D x 50''H, 880lbs260352788
Display CabinetIGLOOJMRWP6Refrigerated Pastry Case. Features Cherry wood finish, Back sliding door with double insulated glass, Curved front, Defogger, LED lights, Adjustable shelves and legs, Auto defrost, 115V/60Hz/1ph, 20amps, R-507 refrigerant, 74.5''W x 34''D x 54''H, 660 lbs410340027
Display CabinetBartrolHDC70Hot Food Pass Thru. Features Hardwired - no plug, 70W x 37D x 57H, 240V/10A, 300lbs10357147
Display CabinetNellaSTM30ESteam Table. Features Electric, Stainless steel, Open cabinet, Flat top table style, 2 wells, Low to 245F temp range, 3kW, 14.5amps, 208V/60Hz/1ph, 30''W x 32.5''D x 36.5''H, 75lbs270353051
Display CabinetOmcanFW-CN-1603Triple Bottle Food Topping Warmer. Features three warming inserts to fit 32 oz. bottles, stainless steel frame, temp range of 45C to 90C, on/off power switch, 120V/60Hz/1PH, 600Watts, NEMA 5-15 plug, 18"W x 7"D x 13"H, 13lbs70358344
Display CabinetBelshawFG053B-A21Autofiller Donut Injector and Icer. Features 6 quart hopper, Delivers volumes from 1/6 oz to 16 oz per nozzle, 120V/60Hz/1ph, NEMA 5-15P plug, Icer provides fast, 130 degrees F maximum electronic heat icer, 50''W x 45''D x 60'H, 240lbs180355893
Display CabinetBunMAPR20Bun Pan Rack. Features Holds up to 20 full size pans at a time, Rails are spaced 3'' apart, Rounded roof, (4)5'' swivel casters, 27.75''W x 22''D x 69.25''H, 300lbs330348589
Display CabinetKool AirKITI-031-L4-SCondenser. Features designed for walk-in coolers & freezers ideal for small & medium restaurant & convenience stores, unit charged with refrigerant, 208-230/1/60V, 0.6A, 0.1HP, 59.2 LRA, 12.7A MCA, 25A Fuse,Plug NEMA L15-20P, 26 3/8''H x 30 1/8''W,220lbs00001431
Display CabinetCanplus3910A02Grease Interceptor. Features 10 gallons per minute flow rate, 20lbs min. grease capacity, 2" connection size, maximum temperature 220F / 104C, plastic polyethylene construction, like new - never used, 14.5"W x 17.4"D x 16.3"H, 15.8lbs00364059
Display CabinetEndura3920A02Grease Interceptor. Features Injection molded tank, Maximum service temp rated at (220f), 20GMP flow rate, 23.5''W x 17.5''D x 16.3''H, 24.49lbs40365266
Display CabinetVollrath40868Immersion Circulator. Features Stainless steel housing, Temp stability to 0.1F(0.06C), Maximum temp is 200F(93C), LED display, 1100Watts, 11amps, 120V/60Hz, 12''W x 8''D x 15.5''H, 10.5lbs330348593
Display CabinetVollrath40868Immersion Circulator. Features Stainless steel housing, Temp stability to 0.1F(0.06C), Maximum temp is 200F(93C), LED display, 1100Watts, 11amps, 120V/60Hz, 12''W x 8''D x 15.5''H, 10.5lbs330348594
Display CabinetSirmanSOFTCOOKER Y09Immersion thermal circulator. Features Stainless steel frame, Offers temp stability of 31.5F between 86F- 212F up to 13.25 gallons, Circulating stirrer ensures consistent stability, 2000watts, 220V/60Hz, 25.62''W x 20.75''D x 14.93''H, 9lbs470053481
Display CabinetWincoWCN-IB-21Ingredient bins. Features 21 gallon capacity each, shelf ingredient bin each, 13"W x 29"D 28"H each, 7lbs each330348583
Display CabinetKilotechKD200Portion scale. Features Large LCD display, Portable with 800 hours battery life, Dual power source AC or 4A batteries (not included), 7.2''W x 10''D x 2.7''H, 4.7lbs470053472
Display CabinetKilotechKD200Portion scale. Features Large LCD display, Portable with 800 hours battery life, Dual power source AC or 4A batteries (not included), 7.2''W x 10''D x 2.7''H, 4.7lbs470053473
Display CabinetPTC-23GRWINCORecycle Bins. Features 2 x plastic green recycling bins, 23 gallon capacity each, 10.55"W x 20.13"D x 29.81"H each, 7lbs each330348576
Display CabinetBELSHAWEP18/24Shelf Proofer. Features 17 shelves, Stainless steel construction, Six plexiglass doors to put it in or take out screens, Thermostat controlled heat and humidity, 120V/60Hz/1ph, 15A, 1.8kW, NEMA 5-20P plug, 31''W x 37''D x 80''H, 300lbs130358548
Display CabinetChrome WireSHLEVING RACKWire shelving rack with casters. Features 6 Adjustable shelves 48''W x 18''D x 86''H, 63lbs480052439
Display CaseIglooSSCD5Salad Display Case. Features Curved front glass, Lamp with LED light, Automatic defrost cycle, Digital temp display, 65.75''W x 47''D x 48.5''H, 430lbs140359453
Display CaseOmcanDW-CN-0997Heated Display Case. Features 107L capacity, adjustable temperature control, temp range 86F - 194F (30C - 90C), 2 x adjustable shelves, 110V/60Hz/1Ph, 25.5"W x 19"D x 25.9"H, 50lbs380346560
Display CaseFWEUHS-7Humidified heated holding cabinet. Features 7pr tray/pan slides, Bottom mounted heater, 1315 watts, 11amps, 120V/50-60Hz/1ph, 32.75''W x 33.5''D x 47''H, 265lbs330348621
Food PreparationSMALLWARES PACKAGESSMALLWARES PACKAGESColander, Pancake Dispenser, Whisk & Tongs. Features 20.5"W x 13"D x 21.25"H, 20lbs300347387
Food PreparationATMOVACSCALEHand Impulse Sealer. Features 0.2-3sec sealing time, 2mm(0.07'') sealing width, 0.01'' film thickness, 310Watts, 110V-120V, 4.1''W x 7D x 13.4''H, 6.1amps100361543
Food PreparationSMALLWARES PACKAGESMALLWARES PACKAGEMixing bowls and Cutting Board. Features 20.5''W x 13''D x 21.25''H, 10lbs300347386
Food PreparationWincoPOP-8RPopcorn Machine. Features Brand new, never used, Removable 8 oz non-stick stainless steel kettle, Tempered glass side panels, Clear plexiglass rear doors, Removable crumb tray, 120V/60Hz/1Ph, 12amps,1350Watts, 16.5"W x 22"D x 30"H, 55lbs20361482
Food PreparationVOLLRATH47713Potato Cutter. Features Stainless steel "V" trough allows potatoes to be sent through smoothly and is easy to clean, 21.1''W x 20.1''D x 14''H, 17.8lbs300347363
Food PreparationUnifillerELF400Table top depositer with twin injector nozzle. Features One-touch speed dial adjustment, Accurate portion control, upto 140 deposits/min, 0.25oz(7ml) to 14oz(420ml), Up to 3/4'' particle size, 30''W x 28''D x 33'H, 166lbs220355346
Food PreparationOMCAN45559Tabletop Vertical Band Saw. Features Powder-painted aluminium and durable structure construction, Easy to clean, 120V/60Hz/1ph, 12.5amps, 1.1HP/0.9kW, 60'' blade length, NEMA 5-15 PLUG, 18.1''W x 16.9''D x 28.7''H, 68.3lbs50360244
Food PreparationTHUNDERBIRDVCM-60Vertical Cutter Mixer. Features60ltr bowl, Stainless steel cover, Double blades cutting system, 99 minutes digital timer, 15Hp powerful motor, 1800rpm & 3600 ramp speed operated, 60amp, 220V/60Hz/3ph, 27.6''W x 25.5''D x 50.5''H, 519lbs20366065
Food PreparationTRIDYNEF-100Weight Scale and Filler System. Features Stainless Steel Stand with casters, Extra discharge chute, up to 5lb capacity weight range, Automatic operation, 20 Dumps/min, Digital controls, 115VAC/60Hz/1ph, 3amps, 25 PSIG, 16"W x 28"D x 27.5"H, 200 lbs350345259
Food PreparationROBOT COUPER2DICEFood processor. Features No accessories, 3qt gray bowl, Pusher with 2 size opening, 2HP power, 1725rpm, 13amps, 120V/60Hz/1ph, 23.75''W x 16.25''D x 20.25''H, 43lbs470053480
Food PreparationRobot CoupeBLIXER6VVFood Processor. Features processes 1lb to 8lb per batch operation, 300 to 3500 rpm speeds, 120V/60Hz/1ph, 15amps, 3HP power, NEMA 5-20P plug, 11'W x 14.43''D x 20.81''H, 52lbs260352777
Food PreparationBERKEL827APLUSFeed Slicer. Features 45 degrees product table with removable meat pusher, 1 speed, 0.5HP, 10.75''W x 7.62''H x 7.37''H cutting capacity, 12'' knife DIA, 4amps, 115V/60Hz/1ph, 21.5''W x 24''D x 21.25''H, 60lbs330348586
Food PreparationBerkel825A-PLUSGravity feed meat slicer. Features 1 speed, Top-mounted, two stone knife sharpener, 1/3HP, 45 degrees product table, Handles food up to 8.75''W x 6''H, 7''Diameter, 3.1amps, 115V/60Hz/1ph, 16.5''W x 20.5''D x 17.5''H, 37lbs140360449
Food PreparationDadauxICONE 700Horizontal Bacon Cutter. Features Large chamber, 9.8" x 7.1" x 28.3" loading magazine, 2 cutting rates - 90 and 180 cutting/min, hard wired - no plug, 2.2kW knives engine, 0.55kW engine advance, Tri 400V/50Hz, 70"W x 36.3"D x 56.9"H, 662lbs120001448
Food PreparationOmas35EMeat slicer, gravity feed. Features Manual, 14" Blade, Removable aluminum blade cover, 100 Slices/min, 240V, 25.5"W x 29.9"D x 24.4"H, 84lbs440037618
Food PreparationOMCAN13616Meat Slicer. Features 9''/220mm blade size, 0-15mm cut thickness, 8.25''x6.05'' cutting size, 0.25HP/0.19Kw cheese slicing, 300RPM, 120V/60Hz/1ph, 22.83''W x 16''D x 13.40''H, 30lbs80362745
Food PreparationEURODIBHBS-195JSMeat Slicer. Features Electric, Stainless steel blade, Slice thickness: 0.2-15mm, Maximum slicing width: 6.25'', 120Watts, Nema 5-15P plug, 110V/1.1A, 15.7''W x 14.7''D x 12''H, 26.5lbs100361542
Food PreparationGlobeS13APremium Heavy Duty Slicer. Features 13'' steel knife, 11'W x 8''D x 13.75''H cutting capacity, 1/2HP, 2.5amps, 115V/60Hz/1ph, 38.7''W x 26.7''D x 20.9''H, 127lbs300352695
Food PreparationKitchen AidKSMC895OBCountertop Mixer. Features 8-qt/7.6L capacity, Includes bowl, dough hook, whip, 500watts, 1.3HP, 120V/60Hz, 13.3''W x 14.6''D x 16.5''H, 25lbs330348582
Food PreparationOmcanMX-CN-0010-GGeneral planetary mixer. Features 10qt capacity, 3 speeds, Includes stainless steel bowl, 0.67HP, 110V/60Hz/1ph, 15.5''W x 20''D x 24.5''H, 181lbs160357755
Food PreparationEurodibM60APlanetary Mixer. Features 19'' Bowl depth, 20'' Bowl diameter, 44lbs/hr max kneading cap, 3.5amps, 2200Watts, 10amps, 208V/60Hz/3Ph, 24''W x 40''D x 56''H, 1078lbs20362303
Food PreparationGlobeSP30Planetary Mixer. Features 30qt capacity, 3 fixed speeds, bowl guard, beater whip and hook attachments, gear driven motor, 60 min digital timer, 115V/60Hz/1Ph, 16amps, NEMA 5-20, 23.25"W x 24.5"D x 50.75"H, 396lbs460050588
Food PreparationOMCAN13167Dough Mixers. Features 1.5HP, 7 bowl RPM, 40Qt bowl capacity, 5amps, 1100Watts, 220V/60Hz/1ph, 16.5''W x 30''D x 36''H, 246lbs00001494
Food PreparationIGF2700/PL20/8Spiral Mixer. Features 20 qt capacity, tilting head with removable stainless steel bowl, 8 selectable speeds, splash proof plastic cover, includes flat beater dough hook and 2 x wire whip, 230V/50-60Hz/1ph, 16"W x 27.5"D x 29.5"H, 176lbs170357375
Food PreparationKitchenAidKSM150PSIBTilt-Head Stand Mixer. Features Ink Blue colour, Includes 1 pouring shield, 5 Quart capacity for small & large batches, Easy add ingredients with tilt-head design, 10 speeds for all tasks, 8.7''W x 14.1''D x 13.9''H, 26lbs20361969
Food PreparationSAMMICSU-310PVacuum Sealer. Features Sensor controls, 25 programmable settings, Soft air function, Liquid detection system, Soft air function, 1/2HP, 6.1amps, 120V/60Hz/1ph, 15''W x 18''D x 16''H, 87lbs330348592
RefrigerationTRUETUC-24F-HCUndercounter Freezer. Features R290 hydro carbon refrigerant, 1 door, 1 shelf, 115V/60Hz/1ph, 1/4HP, 2.3amps, -10F / -23.3C degrees refrigerator temp, NEMA 5-15P plug, 24''W x 24.75''D x 31.62''H, 165lbs230350931
RefrigerationTRUETUC-24F-HCUndercounter Freezer. Features R290 hydro carbon refrigerant, 1 door, 1 shelf, 115V/60Hz/1ph, 1/4HP, 2.3amps, -10F / -23.3C degrees refrigerator temp, NEMA 5-15P plug, 24''W x 24.75''D x 31.62''H, 165lbs230350934
RefrigerationTRUET-23F-HC1 Solid Door Freezer. Features 1 door, 3 shelves, Stainless steel construction, 19Cuft., -10F(-23.3C) cabinet temperatures, 1/2HP, 3.7amps, 115V/60Hz/1ph, 27''W x 29.5''D x 78.37''H, 270lbs200356748
RefrigerationTRUET-12F-HC1 Solid Door Freezer. Features stainless steel construction, 3 internal shelves, bottom mounted compressor, , maintains temps of -10F (-23.3C), 115V/60Hz/1ph, 24.9"W x 23.13"D x 63.13"H, 171lbs130358790
RefrigerationDELFIELDGCF1P-S1 Solid Door Freezer. Features Stainless steel front door with aluminum sides and interior construction, 3 internal shelves, R290 refrigerant, 21 cu. ft. capacity/595L, Temp range -5F to 0F, 7.30amps, 115V/60Hz/1ph , 27.4”W x 32.51”D x 79.48”H , 299lbs330348590
RefrigerationTRUET-35F-HC2 Solid Door Freezer. Features 2 doors, Stainless steel sold doors & front, Maintains -10F (-23.3C) refrigeration temperature, 1HP, 9.6amps, 115V/60Hz/1ph, 39.5''W x 29.5''D x 78.37''H, 390lbs170358477
RefrigerationKool-ItKTSF-22 Solid Door Freezer. Features stainless steel construction, 6 internal shelves, top mounted compressor, 43.3 cu. ft. capacity, temp range -9F to 5F (-23C to -15C), 115V/60Hz/1ph, 54”W x 32.75”D x 82.7”H, 518lbs00001603
RefrigerationFosterFGDM-49F-BK-HCDouble door freezer. Features Coated steel exterior, Aluminum liner interior, -10F to 0F(-23C to -18C) temp range, 45 cbic ft./ltr, 1 1/4HP, 15amps, 115VF/60Hz/1ph, 53.12''W x 31.87''D x 79.37''H, 440lbs100362842
RefrigerationFosterFGDM-47F-BK-HCDouble glass door freezer. Features Coated steel exterior, 8 shelves, Aluminum liner interior, -10F to 0F(-23C to -18C) temp range, 29 cu.ft./ltr, 3/4HP+HP, 15amps, 115V/60Hz/1ph, 49.2''W x 26.2''D x 80.3''H, 400lbs100363167
RefrigerationBars KoreaSUF-200NW-DKCountertop Snow Ice Machine. Features 200kg/day capacity per day, 8.5kg/hr(33 cups) capacity per hour, 0.9kW, 100-120V/60Hz/1ph, 15.62''W x 23.63''D x 28.94''H, 120lbs300352886
RefrigerationGlastenderCBB-36LIce Bin/Cocktail unit. Features *No bottle racks, drip tray, Stainless steel construction, 24'' deep provides larger ice bin, 36''W x 24''D x 37''H, 180lbs490053474
RefrigerationOMCAN44023Ice Crusher/Shaver. Features 220lbs/hr production, safety switch to stop motor when level or drawer is opened, 100-120V/60Hz/1Ph, 650W/0.87Hp, 9amps,1800RPM, NEMA 5-15 plug, 16.5''W x 10''D x 14''H, 32lbs120358291
RefrigerationScotsmanC0630MA-32/B53PIce Machine with B530 Bin. Features Medium cube, 640lb/24hr production, 536lbs bin storage, Air-cooled, 9.1amps, 208/230V/60Hz/1ph, 30"W x 34"D x 67"H, 340lbs330348623
RefrigerationHoshizakiKM-520MAJ/B300PFUpright Ice Machine with B300PF Bin. Features crescent style cube, 556lbs/24hr production, 300lb bin storage, air -cooled, 10.6 amps, 115V/60Hz/1Ph, 22”W x 32.5”D x 74”H, 295lbs130359714
RefrigerationElectro FreezeCS4Countertop Soft Serve Machine. Features single flavour, 10Qt hopper, Gravity fed, Self closing spigot, 16amps, 120V/60Hz/1Ph, 16.3"W x 23.25"D x 29.25"H, 205 lbs350348902
RefrigerationWaringWCIC20Ice Cream Maker. Features Makes up to 2 quarts of ice cream in 30mins, Built in compressor, Stainless steel construction, holds ice cream at optimal temp when processing is finished, 180W, 2.8amps,120V/60Hz, 16.7"W x 11.18"D x 10.3", 26.8lbs390346220
RefrigerationAFINOXINFINITY START 15Blast chiller. Features Stainless steel, Touch screen 9'' front, top of the door, R404A refrigerant gas, 2390Watts, 220V/60Hz/3ph, 31.1''W x 33.03''D x 79''H, 503lbs170358163
RefrigerationVITRIFRIGOVITRIFRIGOMilk Cooler. Features Front loading, Locking door w magnetic seal, On/off switch, Thermostatic knob, Milk tube holes, Internal thermometer, Holds 1gal container or 2L cartons, 110-120V/50-60Hz, 9"W x 19"D x 14"H, 30 lbs00001457
RefrigerationEFICPDR1-44VCPizza Prep Table. Features 1 door, Stainless steel construction, fits 6 x 1/3 size inserts - INSERTS NOT INCLUDED, 19.31”D cutting board, 2 internal shelves, 115V/16Hz/1Ph , 44"W x 33.1"D x 40.7"H , 238lbs120357843
RefrigerationTurbo AirTPR-67SD-NPizza Prep Table. Features 2 Doors, Full-length, 9 pans, 191/4-in Cutting Board, LED Interior Lighting, 4 PVC-coated Stainless Steel Shelves, Forced-air Cold Bunker System, 4.2A, 115V/60Hz/1Ph, 67''W x 33''D x 36''H, 355lbs240351895
RefrigerationTurbo AirTPR-67SD-NPizza Prep Table. Features 2 Doors, Full-length, 9 pans, 191/4-in Cutting Board, LED Interior Lighting, 4 PVC-coated Stainless Steel Shelves, Forced-air Cold Bunker System, 4.2A,, 115V/60Hz/1Ph, 67''W x 33''D x 36''H, 355lbs240351893
RefrigerationFOSTERFPP-50-HCPizza Prep Table. Features Stainless steel cabinet, Stainless steel insulated lid, temp range 33F to;;41F, 115V/60Hz/1ph, 2.6amps, NEMA 5-15P, 49.87''W x 36.87''D x 42.87''H, 363lbs250348890
RefrigerationDelfield18672PTBMPPizza Prep Table. Features Stainless steel construction, 9 1/3 pan capacity, 36F (2C) to 40F (4C) interior cabinet temperature, Storage capacity 7.72 Cu.ft, R-290 refrigerant type, 0.20HP, 115V/60Hz/1ph, 6.5amps, 72''W x 31.5''D x 42''H, 635llbs330348383
RefrigerationDelfield4464N-24MPrep Table. Features Easy to clean ABS interior, R290 refrigerant system, 36F(2C) to 40F(4C) degrees interior cabinet temp, 115V/60Hz/1ph, 64.12''W x 31.5''D x 36''H, 435lbs220352732
RefrigerationGLASTENDERC1FB60GBack Bar Cooler. Features 2 doors, Three adjustable shelves, Locking doors, Beer/food-34F-40F, White wine-50F-55F, Red wine-60F-65F, R290 refrigerant, 4.41oz, 7.0 amps, 120V/60Hz/1ph, 60''W x 25.25''D x 35''H, 360lbs330348634
RefrigerationGlastenderC1FB60GBack Bar Cooler. Features 2 doors, Three adjustable shelves, Locking doors, Beer/food-34F-40F, White wine-50F-55F, Red wine-60F-65F, R290 refrigerant, 4.41oz, 7.0 amps, 120V/60Hz/1ph, 60''W x 25.25''D x 35''H, 360lbs330348635
RefrigerationBEVERAGE AIRBB94HC-1-G-SBack Bar Refrigerator. Features 3 glass doors, 2'' thick stainless steel work top design, Efficient insulation, Eco-friendly refrigerant, 7.4amps, 60Hz, 115V, Black colour, 95Wx28.12Dx37.25H, 544lbs290347148
RefrigerationFosterFRCB-52-HCChef Base Refrigerator. Features Stainless steel construction, 10.5 cubic ft. capacity, 1/6HP, 33F-41F (0.5C-5C) degrees refrigeration system, 3.5amps, 115V/60Hz/1ph, 57.87''W x 32.12''D x 25.37''H, 279lbs240351897
RefrigerationTRUETBB-1Single Door Back Bar Cooler. Features Interior Lighting, door locks, 2 adjustable shelves, holds 1 keg or 30 six packs, 1/6HP Compressor, 120V, 23.5"W x 32"D x 39"H, 210 lbs140342942
RefrigerationDELFIELDGUR48BP-SUnder counter Cooler. Features Stainless steel exterior, R290 refrigeration compressor, 1/5HP, 3.2amps, 115V/60Hz/1ph, 48''W x 31.59''D x 36''H, 207lbs330348595
RefrigerationTRUET-23-HC1 Solid Door Cooler. Features 1 solid door, 3 shelves, Stainless steel construction, 33F-38F(.5C-3.3C) cabinet temperature, R290 refrigerant, 1/4HP, 3.3oz., 2.2amps, 115V/60Hz/1ph, 27''W x 29.5''D x 78.37''H, 272llbs200356747
RefrigerationHABCOSE24SA1 Solid Door Cooler. Features 1 solid door, stainless steel interior and exterior, bottom mounted compressor, 3 shelves, 115V/60Hz/1ph, 2.7A, 23.9W x 31D x 78H, 298lbs220001556
RefrigerationCenterlineCLBM-23R-FS-R1 Solid Door Cooler. Features stainless steel construction, 3 internal shelves, bottom mounted compressor, 19.89 cu. ft. capacity, right hinged door, temp range 36F to 41F, 115V/60Hz/1ph, 27”W x 33.5”D x 82”H , 305lbs50365408
RefrigerationNew AirNSR-050-H1 Solid Door Cooler. Features Stainless steel finish, 1 shelf, 504 L capacity/18 cubic ft., 0C-5C degrees temp range, R290 refrigerant, 115V/60Hz, 3.1amps, 1/5HP, NEMA 5-15P plug, 260Watts, 27.5''W x 32.5''D x 82''H, 293lbs80359734
RefrigerationAtosaMCF87072 Glass Door Cooler. Features 47.1 cu.ft capacity,33F - 45F temerpature range, 115V/60Hz/1ph, 54.4''W x 31.5''D x 83.5''H, 419lbs30362743
RefrigerationTraulsenCLBM-49R-FS2 Solid Door Cooler. Features Stainless steel finish, 6 internal shelves, bottom mounted compressor, LED display control, 43.88cu.ft., 6.7amps, 115V/60Hz/1ph, 53.75''W x 33.5''D x 78''H, 790lbs120001642
RefrigerationTRUET-492 Solid Door Cooler. Features stainless steel front and anodized aluminum ends, back and top, 6 internal shelves, bottom mounted compressor, temp range 33F to 38F (0.5C to 3.3C), 115V/60Hz/1Ph , 54.13W x 29.5D x 78.38H , 400lbs120001621
RefrigerationTRUEGDM-72Cooler. Features 3 doors, 33F-38F (.5C-3.3C) temp range, Set of 4 - 2 locking and 2 non-locking, 1/2HP, 12amps, 115V/60Hz/1ph, 78.12''W x 29.87''D x 79.37''H, 680lbs70364925
RefrigerationFosterFGDM-49R-HCDouble Door Refrigerator. Features 2 door, 8 shelves, Coated steel exterior, Aluminium interior, 45 cubic ft./Ltr, 33F to 41F(0.5C to 5C) temp range, 3/4HP, 9amps, 115V/60Hz/1ph, 53.12''W x 31.87''D x 79.37''H, 440lbs100362841
RefrigerationTRUEGDM-49Glass door cooler. Features 2 doors, 8 shelves, Stainless steel floor and exterior, Holds 33F to 38F(.5C-3.3C) temp range, 1/2HP. 9.0amps, 115V/60Hz/1ph, 54.12''W x 29.62''D x 78.62''H, 485lbs90363724
Stainless steel and FurnitureEquipment StandSTANDEquipment Stand. Features Stainless steel, 60''W x 12''D x 31''H, 32lbs00001607
Stainless steel and FurnitureOmcan45174Wire shelving. Features (4pc.) 24''x48'' shelves, (4set) 72'' segmented posts, (16pc.) clips, (4pc.) levelers, 24''W x 48''D x 72''H, 68lbs30365836
Stainless steel and FurnitureThorinoxTDS-2424-02 Compartment Sink with no drainboard. Features 18 guage stainless steel, 6.5'' backsplash, 24''W x 24''D x 14''H bowl size, 53''W x 29.5''D x 36.5''H, 88lbs310352517
Stainless steel and FurnitureSinkPOT SINK2 compartment sink with one right drain board. Features 1 spray tap, Stainless steel finish, 20''W x 20''D x 14''H, 109lbs250353319
Stainless steel and FurnitureQuestQRB 3636 Enclosed Base. Features Cold wall refrigeration, 4 Heavy duty SS drawers, Self closing, REQUIRES REMOTES COMPRESSOR, 115V/2A, 36"W x 29.25"D x 27.5"H, 145lbs300336671
Stainless steel and FurnitureCres CorIFW-60-GLCres Cor IFW-6Portable Warmer. Features Flexible arm's tension, On-off switch mounted on base, 250watts, 2.0amps, 120V/60Hz/1ph, 20''W x 25''D x 10''H, 25lbs00001609
Stainless steel and FurnitureT&SB-1230Deck mount water station with glass filler and drip pan. Features 18 gauge stainless steel pan, 8'' pedestal glass filler, Self closing lever, 12.5''W x 10.5''D x 11''H, 5lbs330348629
Stainless steel and FurnitureEFIN-S1836EP / N-S1842EPEpoxy Wire Shelving Package. Features ;;2 x EFI N-S1836EP Wire Shelving Unit with 4 shelves - 36"W x 18"D x 72"H 46lbs, 2 x EFI N-S1842EP Wire Shelving Unit with 4 shelves - 42"W x 18"D x 72"H 55lbs330348574
Stainless steel and FurnitureEFIN-S1848EP / N-S1424EPEpoxy Wire Shelving Package. Features1 x EFI N-S1848EP Wire Shelving Unit with 4 shelves - 48"W x 18"D x 72"H 44lbs, 1 x EFI N-S1424EP Wire Shelving Unit with 4 shelves - 24"W x 14"D x 72"H, 36lbs330348622
Stainless steel and FurnitureKrowneHS-1419Hand sink with faucet and 10'' deep bowl. Features Drop in hand sink, 20'' gauge stainless steel construction, 10''W x 10''D x 14''H bowl dimensions, 12''W x 18''D x 10''H, 16lbs330348630
Stainless steel and FurnitureThorinoxTHS-SGHand sink with splash guard. Features 18 gauge stainless steel, 17''W x 16''D x 14''H, 9lbs310352520
Stainless steel and FurnitureThorinoxHAND SINKHand Sink with splash guard. Features 18 gauge stainless steel, Faucet included, 14''W x 10''D x 5''H bowl dimensions, 17''W x 16''D x 14''H, 9lbs310352516
Stainless steel and FurnitureThorinoxTKS-1Hand Sink. Features Stainless steel construction, 6.5'' backsplash, 17''W x 13''D x 5''H bowl size, 17''W x 16''D x 14''H, 9lbs310352533
Stainless steel and FurnitureCres CorIFW-60-GL-10PBHeat Lamp. Features Portable Infra red, Flexible arm tension, Clamp system, 250Watt, Polished brass hood, Powder coated, 2.0amps, 120V/60Hz/1ph, 20''W x 25''D x 10''H, 7lbs00001608
Stainless steel and FurnitureSmallwaresSMALL WARESSmallwares Package. Features Bulk Straw Dispenser, Nemco Easy Cutter, San J Cup Dispenser, Adjustable Lid Organiser, 44 x Aluminum Pizza Pans, 15 x dough Box 18"x26"x3" with lids, enquire for partial purchases30352221
Stainless steel and FurnitureEURODIBSB-6000Soup Kettle. Features Black, 10 litre, 475watts, 4.3amps, 110V/60Hz/1ph, 13.4''W x 13.4''D x 15.6''H, 10.58lbs00001610
Stainless steel and FurnitureSTAINLESS STEELEQUIPMENT STANDStainless Steel Equipment Stand. Features 30''W x 36''D x 19.5''H, 54lbs330345252
Stainless steel and FurnitureThree compartment Sink3 COMPARTMENT SINKThree Compartment Sink with left drain board, Pre-Rinse Faucet and wall/splash mount faucet. Features Stainless steel construction, 18'' x 21'' x 14'' pot sink dimensions, 75''W x 26.5''D x 44''H, 112lbs310352521
Stainless steel and FurnitureThorinox2 COMPARTMENT SINKTwo compartment. Features 18 gauge stainless steel, No drain board, Faucet hole at 8'' from centre, 18''W x 18''D x 11''H bowl dimensions, 41''W x 23.5''D x 44'H, 55lbs;;310352512
Stainless steel and FurnitureKrowneKR21-W72B-10Under bar Ice Bin/Cocktail station. Features 10''x14''x7'' deep bowl with 1.5'' drain in center, 115lb ice capacity, 72''W x 26''D x 6.5''H, 340lbs330348636
Stainless steel and FurnitureBKBKIB-CP8-2412-18SUnderbar Ice Bin. Features 8-circuit aluminum cold plate, 66 lbs capacity, 12" Deep Ice Bin, 4"H backsplash, 24"W x 18"D 32.5"H, 127lbs120353706
Stainless steel and FurnitureChromeTGES-2472Wire shelf. Features Adjustable shelves, 800lbs shelf capacity, 24''W x 18''D x 72''H, 47lbs310352530
Stainless steel and FurnitureWork TableWORKTABLEWorktable. Features Stainless steel finish, Galvanized legs and shelf, 60''W 30''D x 36''H, 115lbs260353324