Used Equipment Inventory

CategoryMake/ Model DescriptionUsed For (months)Asset
BeveragesVinserviceCRYSTALWater Dispenser. Features 3 taps, counter top design, for sparking and still water, 1/4 HP compressor and gas R134, 120V, 11"W x 25"D x 20"H, 35lbs.110349185
BeveragesBlendtecCHEF 600Blender. Features basic one touch controls, high speed 3 HP motor for up to 60 blends per day, program cycles: Small, Medium, Large + Pulse, 3 peak horsepower motor, 7"W x 8"D x 15.5"H, 7.1lbs170353966
BeveragesOmcanBL-BR-0025Tilting Food Blender. Features stainless steel container, steel frame with anti-skid pads, 26Qt cup capacity, 110V/60Hz/1Ph, 16.1"W x 20.9"D x 46.5"H, 45.2lbs160354051
BeveragesRobot CoupeJ80 ULTRAAutomatic Centrifugal Juicer. Features 6.5qt. removable waste container, stainless steel motor base, heavy duty motor 3450RMP/1.25HP, 120V/60Hz/1Ph, 9"W x 18.5"D x 25"H, 25lbs270343563
BeveragesBUNNH10Hot Water Dispenser. Features 10gal/37.9L capacity, dispenses up to 211 8oz cups per hour, 212F temp setting, stainless steel construction, plumbed water access, 208V/60Hz/1ph,8050W/38.7A, 10.2"W x 24.5"D x 34.4"H, 66.7lbs170353963
CoffeeBunnLPG-1Coffee Grinder, Features low profile design, portion control, ingle 6lb hopper capacity, stainless steel construction, 120V/60Hz/1]ph, 3A/360watts, NEMA 5-15P, 8.6"W x 10"D x 15.1"H, 22.5lbs150351170
CoffeeAstoriaXTRA SAE2 Group Espresso Machine. Features Barista Sprayer Rinser, Macap Temper. 4400W, 4 Programmable volumetric touch pads, Hot water dispenser, Single boiler system, 220V, 30"W x 22.2"D x 22"H, 151lbs280346452
CofffeeBunn38700.0013Coffee Brewer. Features twin head brew system, brews directly into 1.9L to 3L airpots (not included), hot water tap, hard wired - no plug, 120V-240V/60Hz/1Ph, 16"W x 22.2"D x 23.5"H, 53lbs160350382
CofffeeNespressoCS224Coffee Machine. Features double head, Milk frothing function, Cup warming plate, Direct water connection, Digital display, 240V/60Hz, 22"W x 14.6"D x 15.4"H, 40bs170350595
CofffeeSchaerer1X7 FSEspresso Machine. Features super automatic design, two 2.2lb capacity hoppers, hot water tap and milk steamer, 7 button panel for up to 12 programmable selections, 208V/30Amps/1Ph, 6kW Steam Boiler and 3kW water boiler, 17"W x 22"D x 28"H 90lbs130345905
CookingROYAL RANGERSP-18D-24Double Stock Pot Range. Features natural gas, 2 x 3 ring burners with cast iron top, manual controls with continuous pilots, 180 000 total BTU, 18"W x 42"D x 24"H, 220lbs,170353970
CookingEurodibSFE02365Panini Grill. Features Dual upper plate configuration, Thermostatic controls, Cast iron plates, 12A/2900W, 220V/60Hz/1Ph, 18.75"W x 15.5"D x 9.4"H, 60lbs120350124
CookingFrymasterMJ140Gas Floor Fryer. Features 40lb oil capacity, 1 basket only, master jet burner heat-transfer system, 110 000 total BTU, 16"W x 31.6"D x 41.5"H, 185lbs170354169
CookingFRYMASTERGF14Gas Floor Fryer. Features natural gas, 40lb oil capacity, two baskets, master jet burner heat-transfer system, 100 000 total BTU, 15.5"W x 30.8"D x 41.12"H, 152lbs170354168
CookingStar648MFCountertop Griddle. Features Natural gas, 1" Thick griddle plate, Wide grease through, Splash guards, Built in thermostat, 48" W x 21" D cooking surface, 4" legs, 48"W x 29"D x 15.5"H, 350lbs00358699
CookingTurbo AirTAMG-48Griddle. Features 4 burners with adjustable pilot flames, Stainless steel construction, 4" wide top ledge for plating, stainless steel legs, 88 000 BTU, 48"W x 30.25"D x 14.5"H, 386lbs190350645
CookingCADCOXAF-113Convection Oven. Features Manual controls, 3 x 18"x13" Pan capacity (not included), 175F - 572F temp range, 120V/60Hz/1Ph, 12A, 1450W, NEMA 5-15P, 23.62"W x 16.87"H x 28.12"D, 120 lbs480043249
CookingBAKERS PRIDEFC-516Pizza Oven. Features natural gas, 48" x 36" cordierite deck, steel-reinforced arched opening, Heavy duty stainless steel with heavy-duty .25 angle iron frame, 300-650F degree temperature range, 140 000 BTU, 120V, 65.25"W x 71"H x 43"D, 1588lbs40359637
CookingPANASONICNE-1252CPHMicrowave Oven. Features 15 power levels, 0.6 cu. ft. capacity, stainless steel cabinet and cavity, 120V/60Hz/1ph, 1200W, NEMA 5-20P, 16.5"W x 20"D x 13.8"H, 57lbs170353969
CookingRoyal RangeRR-2G122 Burner Range with Griddle and Salamander. Features Natural gas, 2 x cast iron open burners, 12"W griddle, drip tray, 27,000 BTU oven, 17,500 BTU Salamander, 24"W x 49.75"D x 75"H, 580lbs40351260
CookingMontagueT26-66 Burner Range. Features natural gas, 6 open burners with cast iron grates, standard over with porcelain interior, stainless steel construction, brand new in box, 215 000 total BTU, 36"W x 34.7"D x 56.5"H, 470lbs00001437
CookingFrymasterGPCGas Pasta cooker. Features 15-gallon (56.8L) water capacity, 18" x 24" x 6.75"cooking area, 80 000 total BTU, 120V/60Hz/1Ph, 2amp, 20"W x 33.6"D x 45.6"H, 250 lbs210351533
CookingHATCOTQ3-900HHatco Conveyor toaster. Features 3 opening and digital controls, Easy touchscreen controls, Includes a removable crumb tray, capacity of up to 900 slices, 208V/60Hz/1Ph, 3020W/14.5A, 14.75"W x 20.75"D x 17.12"H, 54lbs00361074
Dishwashers & GlasswashersSteroSD3Stero SD3-1 Door Type Dishwasher. Features 58 racks pr hour, 60-240 seconds per cycle, 17" door opening, 8.5kW built-in booster, 208-240V/60Hz/3Ph, 28.75W x 34D x 66.5H, 270lbs170353962
Display CabinetsNew AirNDC-013-HTHeated Countertop Display Case. Features 130L capacity, adjustable chrome-plated shelves, digital temperature display, 110V/60Hz/1Ph, 28"W x 23"D x 28"H, 108lbs.140340363
Display CabinetsVollrath40735Hot Food Merchandiser. Features Thermostatically Controlled heat, 29° to 79°C temp range, Front & Rear sliding doors, illuminated Display Light, 120V, 12A, 47"W x 19"D x 15"H, 156lbs40343930
Display CabinetsEagle GroupDHT4-120Hot Food Table. Features buffet overshelf with sneezeguard and 4 infrared bullet lamps, 4 open wells. stainless steel construction, Galvanized undershelf & tubular legs, 120V/60Hz/1ph, 2000W/16.7A, NEMA 5-30, 63.5"W x 36.5"D x 54"H, 250lbs50355461
Display CabinetsSAN JAMARBD40032 x Condiment Centres. Features includes 3 x 2 qt. inserts per compartment, transparent hinged lids, stacker not included, per compartment 20.5"W x 6.6"D x 7.1"H, 7lbs160350384
Food PreparationSirmanTMAFood Processor. Features **brand new in box, 6 discs included: DT-4, DT-V, DT-3, DQ-4, DQ8, DF-8, PS-8, 420lbs/hr production, continuous feed, 120V/60Hz/1Ph, 11"W x 20"D x 20"H 50lbs10357630
Food PreparationEURODIBM20ETLPlanetary Mixer. Features 20 quart capacity, , 3 speeds, gear driven, Stainless steel bowl, Whip hook & beater, cast aluminum, 1.5 HP, 1100W, 110V/60Hz/1ph, 31"H x 19"D X 17"W, 230lbs170353967
Food PreparationSirman50 TASpiral Dough Mixer. Features 52L capacity, liftable head and removable container, Scratch resistant powder coating, 220V/60Hz, 21.25"W x 38.2"D x 34.5"H, 361lbs230347828
RefrigerationTRUET-19F-HC1 Solid Door Freezer. Features stainless steel construction, 3 internal shelves, bottom mounted compressor, 419L capacity, temp range -10F, 115V/60Hz/1Ph, 27"W x 24.5"D x 78.93"H, 265lbs290344794
RefrigerationIce-O-MaticCIU050FAUndercounter Ice Machine. Features full cubes, 50lb/24hr production, 36lb storage, air cooled, 115V/60Hz/1Ph, 15"W x 23.7"D x 37.5"H, 102lbs160350387
RefrigerationSCOTSMANC0322MA-1Upright Ice machine with B322S Bin. Features medium cube, 356lbs/24hr production, 370lb storage capacity, air-cooled, cosmetic dents and scuffs, 115V/60Hz/1Ph, 22"W x 24"D x 67"H , 285lbs170353965
Refrigeration DELFIELDGUR48P-S2 Solid door undercounter fridge. Features stainless steel construction, 2 internal shelves, side mounted compressor, 36F - 40F temp range, 16 cu.ft. capacity, 115V/60Hz/1Ph, 48"W x 31.5"D x 36"H, 207lbs160350391
RefrigerationEFICUDR2-48VC2 Door Undercounter fridge. Features Stainless steel construction, 2 internal shelves, 33F-45F temp range, 115V/60Hz/1ph, NEMA 5-15P, 48.5"W x 30"D x 34"H, 191lbs170353926
RefrigerationCardinalMBF85062 Solid Door Fridge. Features stainless steel construction, 6 internal shelves, bottom mounted compressor, 32.4 cu. ft. capacity, temp range 0C to 8C, 4 casters, cosmetic dents on doors and internal walls, 115V/60Hz/1Ph, 39.5W x 31.5D x 83H 396lbs130355405
Stainless Steel & FurnitureThorinoxDSST-2430-GSWorktable. Features 18 gauge stainless steel construction, galvanised undershelf, 24"W x 30"D x 34"H, 40lbs170354170