Browne Foundation 12.3″ x 8″ Rectangular Coupe Plate, Sold by Dozen (5630188)

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Perfectly plated no matter what your style. The Browne Foundation collection offers foodservice professionals style, design, strength and flexibility! Pick your piece, set your FOUNDATION and let your personal food styling shine!

Browne Foundation Rectangular Coupe Plate (5630188)
Sold by Dozen
12.3″ x 8″ / 31.3 x 20.3

  • Design driven with a wide range of styles and shapes that is ideal for many decors, from traditional to contemporary
  • Wide selection and sizes that can be utilized for multiple uses across courses, menu items and plating styles
  • Large collection allows you to mix and match pieces for all your needs
  • High alumina composition and fired at a high temperature for strength and durability
  • Vitrified porcelain
  • Great value porcelain designed to perform in foodservice environments