Winco One-Piece Stainless Steel Ladles, Color-Coded Handles (LDC)


LDC Series


These stainless steel serving ladles are necessary utensils to have in any kitchen to perform a variety of tasks. From serving dressing to soup, these are the ladles for you.

  • Serving Ladles
  • Solid Round Bowls
  • Stainless Steel One-Piece Construction
  • Slip-Resistant, Insulated PVC Sleeve on Handles

LDC-05    0.5 Oz   Teal         12″ Handle
LDC-1      1 Oz       Yellow     2.5″ Handle
LDC-2      2 Oz       Red          13″ Handle
LDC-3      3 Oz       Ivory        15.5″ Handle
LDC-4      4 Oz       Green      15.5″ Handle
LDC-6      5 Oz       Black       16.5″ Handle
LDC-8      8 Oz       Blue         16.5″ Handle
LDC-12   12 Oz     Gray         16.5″ Handle

Please contact our sales department to order sizes not kept in regular stock.