Victorinox Fibrox® Pro Slicing Knife, 12″ Serrated Blade, Round (5.4233.30)

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Long and narrow in shape, slicing knives are suited to slicing everything from meats to cakes to sandwiches. These knives often have a round tip to improve the meat separation. They are designed to precisely cut smaller and thinner slices of meat, made possible by increased flexibility. Many chefs find them better suited to slice hams, roasts and fish.

12″ Roast Beef Blade – 1¼” width at handle

Victorinox Swiss Army offers our patented Fibrox® Pro cutlery, which has been the choice of culinary professionals for decades. Hygienic and dishwasher safe, the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) certifies that this product is made to the highest sanitary standards.

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