MVP Premium Earloop Masks, 3-Ply, Level 2, 50/Pk (3PLYMASK)




Quality single use mask designed for excellent protection and a comfortable fit. This protective face mask is ideal for a wide range of applications and wherever fluid exposure is possible. Specialized non-woven material structure featuring a 3-ply pleated construction style to optimize lightness of fit, breathability, and fluid resistance. Effective liquid barrier. Constructed from 100% latex free materials. Mask is secured to the face by way of cushioned, soft, non-irritating ear loops with elastic properties, allowing for ease of application and removal.

  • The first layer: non woven fabric, Spunlaced fabric; the second layer: 95 grade melt blown fabric, filter rate ≥ 95%; the third layer: skin friendly non woven fabric.
  • The three layer fold medical mask has a strong protective isolation of 95% of virus bacteria.
  • Built in aluminum plastic nose clip, strong plasticity, strong protection, bending degree.
  • High elastic ear loop, strong elasticity, comfortable to wear.
  • ASTM Level 2 protection
  • Available in blue
  • 50 per box
  • Latex free
  • Excellent filtration
  • Soft, non-irritating
  • 17.5 cm ( h ) x 9.5 cm ( w )
  • Ear loop length 230mm 2mm