Metro Mightylite Full Size Insulated 6-Pan Carrier (ML400)



  • Attractive, ultra light, and durable insulated front load pan carriers for transporting and delivering hot and cold 12×20/GN food pans to off-site locations.
  • Durable: advanced polymer foam construction with high strength-to-weight ratio withstands impact without damage, making it perfect for lifting and withstanding the rigors of off-site food transport!
  • Ultra-light: Mightylite front load pan carriers weigh 60% less than traditional polymer molded, urethane foam-filled carriers. ML300 weighs 9.1 lbs. (4.1kg) and ML400 is 11.3 lbs. (5.1kg)
  • Ergonomic: convenient, integrated handles provide the ultimate flexibility to facilitate lifting, carrying, and moving in various situations. Eight handles make the job easier and allow you to lift whichever way makes you most comfortable!
  • Keeps Food Safe for 5 Hours! Transport hot or cold food at safe, appetizing temperatures with confidence.
  • Robust Door Design: 270° swing door with flexible integrated seal, snaps shut and helps retain temperature. Never worry about replacing or difficult to clean gaskets again. Integrated hinges and durable elastomer travel latch are virtually unbreakable!
  • Label Holder/Whiteboard: doubles as card holder and dry erase board, and makes identifying carrier contents and destination easier.
  • Stackable: carriers are designed to interlock with each other and optional dolly for more efficient transportation and storage.
  • Complimentary Wire Caddy: included with every carrier to help organize and hold common temperature maintenance tools and other odd shaped items such as quart containers.
  • Recyclable: 100% recyclable, CFC free.
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 17.25″ x 27″ x 25.75″ (438mm x 686mm x 654mm)
  • Ask us about other door colours