Vollrath Insta Cut 5.1 Manual Food Processors (5545)

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5545 Series


Promising precise cuts, smooth operation and superior quality, the Insta Cut 5.1 manual food processor by Vollrath is an easy way to level up your food preparation. The blade assembly features sharp, corrosion-resistant blades that don’t require adjustments and allow you to work three-times faster than cutting by hand. The serrations prevent bruising and waste, leading to higher-quality results, while the thoughtful design ensures improved speed and efficiency that’s ideal for any prep kitchen. The sled-leg base offers stability; suction feet prevent unwanted movement, and a cleaning tool stows in the pusher block for additional convenience.

Insta Cut 5.1 Manual Food Processors:
55457:  1/4″ Dice
55458:  3/8″ Dice
55459:  1/2″ Dice

  • Cuts a variety of fruits and vegetables with ease
  • Requires up to 50 percent less force to operate and is three-times faster than cutting by hand
  • Stainless steel serrated blades are sharp and strong, leading to cleaner cuts, less bruising and improved food presentation
  • Thermoset, corrosion-resistant blade assembly doesn’t need to be adjusted and provides years of service
  • Blade assembly pops in and out for quick changing and cleaning
  • Additional blade sets, such as dicers or corers, are sold separately for added versatility
  • Sled-leg aluminum base and stainless steel rods are strong, sturdy and reliable
  • Suction feet prevent unwanted movement during use
  • Captive fasteners stay put, so they won’t get misplaced or lost in food items
  • Cleaning tool stows in pusher block assembly for convenience
  • NSF-certified
  • 2-year limited warranty — does not include blades

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