Winco Removable Silicone Sleeve for Fry & Sauce Pans (AFPHX)

AFP-HX Series


Protect yourself and your staff from possible burns with a removable sleeve for fry and sauce pans. The comfortable soft-touch sleeve is heat resistant up to 450º F. Convenient designed of these protect handles prevent them from slipping from your hand or falling off from hot handles when moving around pans.

  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: Blue

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AFP-1HX Fits AFP-7, AFP-8, ASP-1, ASP-2
AFP-2HX Fits AFP-10, AFP-12, ASP-5, ASP-7, AXST-3
AFP-3HX Fits AFP-14, ASP-10, AXST-5, AXST-7