Hobart 13″ Manual Slicer (HS6)

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  • Manual Slicer – Burnished Finish with Removable Knife Feature
  • 13″ CleanCut™ Knife
  • Removable Ring Guard Cover
  • Zero Knife Exposure
  • Heavy-Gauge Stainless Steel Knife Cover
  • Top-Mounted Borazon Stone Sharpener
  • 1⁄2 H.P. Knife Drive Motor
  • No-Volt Release
  • Burnished Aluminum Base
  • Machined Grooves on Gauge Plate and Knife Cover
  • Exclusive Tilting, Removable Carriage System
  • Electroless Nickel Plated Single Slide Rod with Reservoir Wick in Transport
  • Double-Action Indexing Cam
  • Spring Kickstand
  • Ergonomic-Style Handle
  • Rear-Mounted, Removable Meat/Vegetable Grip Arm

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