Kilotech 30kg Electronic Portion Control Scale (KWD750SS30)




Kilotech’s heavy duty portion control and /or weighing scales are up to the job. This highly durable scale is IP-65 rated protected against dust and liquids. This makes it ideal for use in restaurants, cafeterias, delis, salad bars, bakeries, industrial kitchens and other commercial food service specialists.

You can also use this scale in any industry where checkweighing or piece counting are a necessity and where stainless steel is required.

The stainless steel large removable platter makes it easy to clean.

Stainless steel upper housing with removable stainless steel platter

  • Capacity = 30 kg / 66 lb / 1100 oz
  • Graduation = 5 g / 0.01 lb / 0.25 oz
  • Choice of 3 weighing modes (g/kg, lb, oz)
  • IP-65 rated – water & dust resistant
  • 20 numeric TARE memory
  • Counting feature with 50 product memory
  • Checkweighing function for HI/OK/LO with bargraph and acoustic indication and with 20 programmable presets
  • Connect to a printer via PC with RS232 port
  • Printing in English, French, Spanish and German
  • LCD display with backlight (Programmable)
  • Cross keypad for intuitive menu use
  • Automatic OFF function (Programmable)
  • Level bubble
  • Rechargeable battery and adapter included
  • One year warranty