Kilotech 3 kg Digital Portion Control Scale (KPC 3K)




The Kilotech KPC 3K handles the loads of portion control scales with the accuracy of lab scales. Weigh your fine herbs, spices and teas on the same scale as your meats, cheeses and dough. Increase your profitability and speed up your production and packing.

  • 30,000 count high resolution performs similarly to lab and high-level counting scales.
  • Quick response / super-fast processing.
  • Excellent for test kitchens and labs; weighing spices, powders and fine ingredients.
  • MODE, TARE, Power, Zero.

Kilotech KPC 3K Specs:
Capacity: 3 kg / 6 lb
Graduation: 0.1 g / 0.0002 lb
Weighing Modes: g/kg/lb/oz. PCS
Display: LCD with green backlight
Back Light: YES – green
Auto Power Off: YES
Automatic Calibration: Capacity is adjusted by the software automatically.
Multiple Saving Mode Setting: YES
Charging Indicator and Low Voltage Auto Power-Off Function: YES
Zero Tracking / Zero Error Indication / Overload Alert Function: YES
Error Signal: YES
Counting Feature :YES
Power: Input AC110V~240V 50HZ; Output AC9V~12V
500mA DC 6V4Ah recharging battery
Power Dissipation: 0.1VA
Platter Size: 200 x 180 mm / 8 x 7 inches
Operating Temperature / Humidity: 0℃ ~ 40℃ / ≤85%RH
Minimum Load Cell Resolution: 0.1uV
Maximum Resolution: n=10000
Load Cell Supply Current: <200Ma
Load Cell Input Voltage: DC0mV ~ DC+16mV
Accuracy Class: III
A/D Switch Speed: 10 times/second
Weight: 1.5 kg (without recharging battery)
Scale Dimensions: L (10.25 inches / 260 mm) x W (8 inches /200 mm) x H (3.25 inches / 80 mm)