Robot Coupe Automatic Tabletop Sieve (C80)

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This space-saving and easy to move table-top automatic sieve is designed to help you create fruit coulis and purées, vegetable mousses, sauce bases, bisques and fish soups by separating pips, stones, fibres and carcasses without crushing them. The continuous feed system makes it easy to use and a great time saver.

  • Continuous feed hopper of washed products – no need to remove seeds, stones or peel.
  • Continuous end-product ejection chute : fruit and vegetable puree, coulis, soup, etc.
  • Continious waste ejection chute : skins, pits, seeds, tails, bones, shells, fibres.
  • Paddle assembly rotates to extract maximum pulp.
  • All parts in contact with food are removable for a quick and easy cleaning.

Robot Coupe Automatic Tabletop Sieve C80
Induction motor: Yes
Wattage: 650 W
Voltage: Single phase
Speed(s): 1500 rpm
Output: 60 kg/h
Continuous feed: Yes
Continuous waste ejection: Yes
Bowl: Stainless steel
Motor unit: Stainless steel
Hopper: Stainless steel
Table-top model: Yes
Basket: 1 mm perforated basket included
Net weight (kg): 17
Dimensions (LxWxH): 610 x 360 x 540 mm