Robot Coupe Immersion Blender MINI MP 160 V.V.

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Minimum size, maximum performance! Ideal for blending soups and puréeing fruit and vegetables. Specially designed for processing small amounts and for making sauces and emulsions.

  • Blade designed for optimum blending
  • All stainless steel foot, bell, motor cover and attachments
  • The tube, blade and attachments can be removed for easy cleaning

Ergonomics: Ergonomic handle designed to maximise grip and reduce user fatigue when holding the unit. The wall support offers a practical storage solution for both the immersion blender and its attachments.

Aeromix: Patented tool designed to create instant, light and airy emulsions or foams that hold their shape on the plate.

Versatile: Precise, easy to access variable speed button to easily select the speed according to the desired texture.

MINI MP160 V.V. Specifications:
Power: 240 W
Voltage: Single phase – 120 V
Speeds: 2000 to 12500 rpm
Detachable blade: Yes
Blade, bell, and shaft: 7″ Length
Detachable bell: No
Detachable shafts: Yes
Dimensions: Length 18-1/3″ × 3″
Gross weight (Lbs): 5
Accessories: Stainless steel Aeromix and wall support  included

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