Robot Coupe Immersion Blender CMP 250 V.V.

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CMP 250 V.V.


Ideal for blending soups and puréeing fruit and vegetables. Special catering model. Compact, efficient and easy to handle.

  • Optimum blending quality for a fine textured and homogenous finish product in a minimum amount of time. High-power motor: + 15% for greater efficiency.
  • All stainless steel foot, bell, motor cover and attachments
  • The tube, blade and attachments can be removed for easy cleaning

Ergonomics: Ergonomic handle designed to maximise grip and reduce user fatigue when holding the unit. The wall support offers a practical storage solution for both the immersion blender and its attachments.

Flexible use: Variable and self-regulated speed for great results and consistency. Practical speed control knob button for greater comfort of use.

Detachable power cord: New patented ‘EasyPlug’ system makes it easy to replace the power cord, if required. The indicator lights up when machine starts functioning and the cable is not damaged and correctly plugged in on both sides (wall socket and EasyPlug).

CMP 250 V.V. Specifications:
Power: 310 W
Voltage: Single phase – 120 V
Speeds: 5,000 to 10,000 rpm with automatic speed regulating system
Detachable blade: Yes
Equipped with: EasyPlug
Blade, bell, and shaft: 10″ Length
Detachable bell: Yes
Detachable shafts: No
Dimensions: 26″ × 3-9/16″
Gross weight (Lbs): 11
Accessories: Wall support  included

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