Robot Coupe 3.7L S/S Bowl Single Speed Combination Processor, 2 HP (R301 Ultra Dice)

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R301 Ultra Dice


Robot Coupe Combination Processor R301 Ultra Dice: Stainless Steel Bowl cutter & Vegetable Prep equipped with a cutter attachment for chopping, fine mincing, emulsions, grinding and kneading, and a vegetable preparation attachment for slicing, grating, ripple cut slicing, dicing and making French fries.

  • Bowl cutter & Vegetable Prep
  • Number of meals per service: 10 to 80
  • Quantity per batch in cutter function: Up to 3.3 lbs
  • Vegetable slicer output: Up to 110 lbs/h
  • 3.7L cutter bowl in stainless steel and smooth bowl-base blade assembly
  • Vegetable preparation attachment in composite material equipped with 2 hoppers: 1 large and 1 cylindrical hopper
  • Cutter attachment: lid and high resistance stainless steel smooth blade assembly with removable cap
  • Vegetable attachment : chute, feed lead ejecting disc and discharge plate
  • Supplied with 2mm (5/64″) grating, 4mm (5/32″) slicing discs and 10mm (3/8″) dicing kit
  • Large range of 80 stainless steel discs available as option

Robot Coupe Combination Processor R301 Ultra Dice
› Output power: 2 HP
› Electrical data: 120V/60/1 – 13 Amp – Single phase
› Speed: 1725 rpm
› Dimensions (WxDxH): 13-1/16″ x 11-15/16″ x 21-1/2″
› Rate of recyclability: 95%
› Net weight: 44 lbs
› Nema #: 5-15P

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