Eurodib Atmovac Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine, 11″ Sealing Bar (Arctic 11)

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Arctic 11


Built for culinary use, these units feature high end manufacturing with single-piece chambers and high quality domed lids. All units in the ARCTIC Series feature a non-programmable panel that allow the user to set % of VACUUM, VAC+ and SEAL time.

Scale saving: Save money on your food cost by safely handling larger quantities.
Food saving: Minimize food waste.
Go to market: Bring your finished products to the marketplace in a safe, traceable and easily identifiable package.
Sous-Vide: Incorporate Sous-Vide cook­ing processes in your kitchen, saving you labor costs and enhancing the quality of your offering.

  • Manufactured in the Netherlands
  • Stainless Steel
  • For external and internal vacuum
  • Equipped with BUSCH pumps
  • Equipped with Self-Maintenance program
  • ETL and  NSF certified

Eurodib Atmovac Arctic 11
› Standard: Sensor control*, double seal, high lid (5″ H)
› Power: 120V, 500W, 6A, 5-15P
› Chamber size: 12″x11″x5.1″
› Seal bar: 11″
› Pump speed: 8 m3h
› Machine cycle: 15-35 sec
› Dim. (L x W x H): 17.7″ X 13.1″ X 13.4″
› Net weight: 73Ibs
› Ship dimensions: 20.7″ X 13.4″ X 14.5″
› Ship weight: 90Ibs

Warranty: 1 year parts and labour, 3 years on parts only (Pumps, Teflon seal tape and Gaskets are EXCLUDED from parts warranty)