Vulcan Scaleblocker Water Filtration System – 5 Micron and 0-2 GPM (SMF600)


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Ensure that your equipment is properly protected from scale with this Vulcan SMF600 Scaleblocker water filtration system (previously SPS600). The need for deliming is reduced with nano crystal scale reduction, and hollow carbon is used to remove chlorine and chloramines. The quick-connect inlet and outlet assemblies let you reverse the flow or add an optional pre-filter.

  • Single cartridge design
  • 1/4 turn cartridge quick disconnect and connect for easy changes, no wrench required
  • Category 3 recyclable cartridge
  • Nano crystal scale reduction reduces the need for deliming
  • Hollow carbon for chlorine/chloramines removal
  • Modular mounting bracket and head assembly
  • Quick connect inlet and outlet assemblies for reversing flow or adding optional pre-filter.
  • Shut off valve and pressure gauge standard
  • Connections are 3⁄4-inch NPTF with 3⁄4-inch Male GHT adaptors installed (male garden hose thread)
  • Filtered water test valve
  • Unfiltered water connection for cold water condensate with cap if not used
  • Free filter maintenance reminders when system is registered with Vulcan
  • Treats water up to 300 PPM (17.5 grains), hardness
  • Removes up to 4 PPM chlorine/chloramines

Service Flow: 0-2 GPM
Service Life: 7,500 Gal
Inlet / Outlet: 3/4″ NPTF inlet and 3/4″ Male GHT (3/4″ NPTF adapter) outlet
Inlet Min / Max Pressure: 40-125 PSIG
Min / Max Temperature: 45-100F (7-37C)
Weight, Operating: 21 Lbs. (9.5 kg)
Exterior Dimensions: 15.5″w x 9.5″d x 18.5″h
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