NEXUS by Moyer Diebel Undercounter High Temp Dishwasher, Built-in Booster Heater (MOYNEXUS)



  • Built in Canada
  • Fill and Drain Type Operation
  • Exclusive 30 amp breaker machine
  • Highly effective 5kW booster heater
  • “NEW” Intuitive LCD Control Display clearly identifies temperature and cycle times
  • Automatic fill at start up
  • Exclusive pumped wash pushes pressurized water through the spray arms under pressure during the wash & rinse cycles
  • AutoClean washes chamber at shutdown
  •  Pumped Drain
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty (Parts & Labour)
  • NEXUS safeguard — Monitors and assures 180° F/82° C is reached in final rinse temperature to meet NSF rated sanitization requirements
  • Visual Diagnostics guide the user through every step of the NEXUS N900 operating system including immediate service feedback
  • Reduced downtime and cost of ownership

Intertek_ETL_C-US    NSF Certification Logo

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