RATIONAL iCombi Pro 20 Half Size Combi Oven E/G (LM100F)

LM100F Series


Setting new standards means looking at things in new ways. Baking, roasting, grilling, deep-frying, poaching… they can all be easier, more efficient, more intelligent. That’s why RATIONAL took its 45-plus years of cooking research and experience and started thinking beyond the plate – turning its scientific attention to staff shortages, food trends, and kitchen management. Pointing its ideas in new directions. Always with one goal in mind: getting another step closer to perfection.

  • Twenty (20) Half-size sheet pans or Twenty (20) Steam table pans or Twenty (20) 1/1 GN accessories
  • Mobile oven rack with 2 1/2” inch rack spacing and tandem casters (63 mm)
  • Handle holder for mobile rack
  • Large selection of accessories for various cooking procedures, such as grilling, braising or baking
  • For use with 1/1, 1/2, 2/3, 1/3 GN accessories and optional baker’s standard accessories (400 x 600 mm)
  • iDensityControl, iCookingSuite, iProductionManager, iCareSystem
  • Steaming 86°F ‑ 266°F
  • Convection 86°F ‑ 572°F
  • Combination of steam and convection 86°F ‑ 572°F

Specify configuration when ordering:
– ICP 20-HALF E 208/240V 3 PH (LM100FE)
– ICP 20-HALF E 480V 3 PH (LM100FE)
– ICP 20-HALF LP 120V 1 PH (LM100FG)
– ICP 20-HALF NG 120V 1 PH (LM100FG)
– ICP 20-HALF NG 208/240V 1 PH (LM100FG)

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