Belshaw Countertop Electric Fryer (BEL616B)




A rock-solid dependable fryer for donuts and other fried products, that occupies a bare minimum of space on a table or countertop.

The fryer has a 16½” x 16½” frying area (42 x 42 cm) and occupies only 3 feet (1m) of counter space, weighing only 44lbs (20kg).

The 616B is designed primarily for cake and yeast-raised donuts, with room for 16 donuts at a time. It can also be used for other fried foods that will fit in approximately 3 inches of frying depth. It is not recommended for mini donuts. (Choose a Donut Robot® Mark II GP for mini donuts).

  • Holds 16 standard size donuts
  • Capacity approximately 35 dozen donuts per hour.
  • Exceptionally durable with stainless steel kettle and outer casing and solid aluminum braket for control panel
  • Stainless steel drain tray doubles as a fryer cover. Drain tray can be latched onto left or right side.
  • Thermostat controlled heat. Heavy duty element, tiltable upwards for easy kettle cleanup
  • High-temperature limit switch set to approximately 450° F (230° C)
  • 2 nickel plated frying screens with handles

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