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Reliant Inserts Pans are strong and durable, meeting the needs of the commercial industry. Pans won’t stick together due to the anti-jamming design.

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Model SKUDescriptionCase PackPrice
1002-22Full Size Pan, 2-1/2” Deep12$18.40
1002PF-22Full Size Pan, 2-1/2” Deep Perforated12See 24-Gauge
1004-22Full Size Pan, 4” Deep12$22.20
1004PF-22Full Size Pan, 4” Deep Perforated12See 24-Gauge
1006-22Full Size Pan, 6” Deep12$28.00
1006PF-22Full Size Pan, 6” Deep Perforated12See 24-Gauge
1000C-22Full Size Pan, Cover24See 24-Gauge
1000CS-22Full Size Pan, Cover Slotted24See 24-Gauge
1122-221/2 Size Pan, 2-1/2” Deep24$12.80
1122PF-221/2 Size Pan, 2-1/2” Deep Perforated24See 24-Gauge
1124-221/2 Size Pan, 4” Deep24$16.65
1124PF-221/2 Size Pan, 4” Deep Perforated24See 24-Gauge
1126-221/2 Size Pan, 6” Deep12$21.90
1126PF-221/2 Size Pan, 6” Deep Perforated12See 24-Gauge
1120C-221/2 Size Pan, Cover48See 24-Gauge
1120CS-221/2 Size Pan, Cover Slotted48See 24-Gauge
1132-221/3 Size Pan, 2-1/2” Deep48$9.40
1134-221/3 Size Pan, 4” Deep24$11.60
1136-221/3 Size Pan, 6” Deep24$17.00
1138-221/3 Size Pan, 8” Deep24Out of stock
1130C-221/3 Size Pan, Cover72See 24-Gauge
1130CS-221/3 Size Pan, Cover Slotted72See 24-Gauge
1142-221/4 Size Pan, 2-1/2” Deep72$8.65
1144-221/4 Size Pan, 4” Deep48$10.20
1146-221/4 Size Pan, 6” Deep24$13.50
1140C-221/4 Size Pan, Cover72See 24-Gauge
1140CS-221/4 Size Pan, Cover Slotted72See 24-Gauge
1162-221/6 Size Pan, 2-1/2” Deep72$6.30
1164-221/6 Size Pan, 4” Deep48$8.20
1166-221/6 Size Pan, 6” Deep48$12.05
1160C-221/6 Size Pan, Cover72See 24-Gauge
1160CS-221/6 Size Pan, Cover Slotted72See 24-Gauge
1192-221/9 Size Pan, 2-1/2” Deep72See 24-Gauge
1194-221/9 Size Pan, 4” Deep72See 24-Gauge
1190C-221/9 Size Pan, Cover72See 24-Gauge
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