Amana Medium Volume Programmable Commercial Microwave (RCS10TS)

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Features, Advantages and Benefits
1000 watts of cooking power
– Quick heating
– Consistent results

Stainless steel construction inside and out
– Durable, professional finish
– Withstands the foodservice environment

1.2 cubic ft. (34 L) oven capacity
– Accommodates a 14″ (356 mm) platter
– Easily heats large portions

Motor driven top antenna
– Reliable distribution of energy
– Consistent heating results

Front air filter
– Non-removable, cannot lose
– Promotes proper oven operation

Grab ‘n Go handle
– No moving parts
– Reliable use

Tempered glass outer oven door,
competition uses plastic
– Reliable, long lasting
– Clearly monitor cooking

Touch controls
– 100 programmable menu items, 4 stages of cooking,
5 microwave power levels and Braille touch pads
– Versatile program options

Ideal Applications
– Server stations
– Supermarkets
– Recreation centers
– Convenience stores
– Teacher’s lounge

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